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Twin Islands’ Guided Kayak Tour Blog

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Yesterday my Hawaii vacation was made unforgettable. I don’t want to spill the beans just yet, but there was a Honu world I had never seen before!

Before I headed out to my Kayaking expedition I called Best Tours Hawaii to confirm my activity and I spoke to Gerren. Gerren was extremely pleasant and was happy to help. My day started by driving to the windward (Northern) side of O’ahu. My drive was about twenty minutes out from Waikiki and let me tell you something, the drive was amazing! Top down in the convertible I had rented, the weather was picture perfect, not a cloud in the sky and the warming sun was complemented by a slight breeze, I felt as though I was in a movie!

When I arrived at the kayak rental shop I was kindly greeted by their staff. I was led down to a briefing room where a few other couples and families were waiting for the rest of the group to show up. The briefing was not too long and was very helpful and reassuring. After all this was my first time going on a Kayak let alone in the ocean!!!

My guide for the day was Amanda, and she was able to remember my name from the first time we spoke. I walked down to the ocean with the group of excited ocean kayakers. I was paired with a group of three since I was traveling alone and they were very friendly and just as excited as I was to be in Hawaii!

We reached the launch point for our kayaks in no time. Evelyn, my kayaking partner, and I both jumped on our kayak and started to row out to open waters! We soon met our guide Amanda exactly where she had told us she would be waiting and then made our fantastic journey to the Mokulua Islands.

On this journey our whole group stayed together and our guide Amanda shared her knowledge in some of the areas important history! The water was crystal clear and you could see about 10-15 meters down in some areas. One spot in particular we were told to watch for Hawaiian Sea Turtles, “Honu”, as our guide called them. Honu is the Hawaiian word for Sea Turtle and my joke at the beginning of this entry was not original, I’ll pass the credit on to our guide this day! Low and behold we spotted 9 sea turtles on our way out to the island destination.

When we arrived at the secluded beach, we were given so much time to eat, sunbathe, and go snorkeling! We were even given a little tour of the island, its history, and the wildlife found there! Little did I know how up-close and personal I would be getting. On this experience I came within feet of birds, tropical fish, and yes, I saw right along side a giant sea turtle! Here is the picture to prove it.

Making it to the Mokulua Islands was an accomplishment! It was a 2.5 mile journey. On the way back it was much easier and relaxing as the tide was in our favor! We stopped at another world famous beach, Lanikai Beach, for more snorkeling! This beach had such a great variety of sea life and magnificent colored sea coral! The further I swam, the bigger the coral got. There was deep spots with tunnels made of coral you could swim though with tropical fish around every corner! When time was up at this beach we were given a final refreshing Hawaiian juice “POG” and we started our journey back to our landing spot!

After we landed we packed up our kayaks and made our way back to the rental shop. I would give this day a 10 out of 10! led me to make the best decision to spend my time and money! The guide was so friendly, she even keeps in touch with us today, sending us pictures she took and asking us how we are doing in our last few days here. Thank you to all those who made this day unforgettable!

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